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Chairman's Review

Sathis Abeywickrama

The 'Leisure as you wish' holiday resort and the restaurant at the Gurubeula estate which is of a rich biodiversity, showcase the array of vivid rural beauty of Southern Sri Lanka. It is situated where the environmental balance is preserved and in an agricultural environment.

The speciality in our estate is to provide the opportunity to observe Sri Lanka’s endemic birds, species of reptiles, amphibians, species of fish, species of insects and the small amphibians like Meeminna and rabbits in their natural habitats for all who live in a concrete jungle in the modern day society.

The 'Leisure as you wish' holiday resort which is situated in the Gurubeula estate has a farm which is carrying out the free living animal husbandry. By that, hen eggs, quail eggs, guinea fowl eggs are being produced. One area of the estate is cultivated with pineapple, tea, banana and pepper, following the intergrated farming system. It enables to harvest during the year.

In order to add 1/3 of the land to mother nature again, I have begun forest plantation in one area of the estate. There, very valuable trees have being planted such as, Kumbuk, Teak, Nadun, Mahogany, Kaaya Mahogany, Mee, Halmilla, Milla, Jack, Sapu, Bulu, Albizia, Burutha and Kaluwara. The upper canopy in the forest plantation has become a great ground for birds endemic to Sri Lanka as well as the migrating birds. You can see small animal species such as jungle fowls, rabbits, meeminna, porcupines, reptiles and mammals that live in the lower canopy of the forest.

You can get local Sri Lankan food through the Gurubeula restaurant. Also, foods from different countries are easily accessible from our restaurant.

The high quality Sithsuwa auditorium which is situated nearby the restaurant, provides about 70 seating facilities, audio video facilities along with air conditioning. You can reserve it for your requirements.

The 100 years old bunglow which located in Gurubeula estate, displays the architectural design and the magnificent power of creativity. Our estate is a wonderful place for authors and researchers.

Even though the old bunglow is not given for stay, you can have a delicious cup of tea along with Sri Lankan sweetmeats when visiting our estate.

We, in the Gurubeula estate are dedicated for social responsibilities. The liquid milk received for a higher price from the village farmers, undergo a high quality equipment and quality, and we have the opportunity to bring you various dairy products. By that it has become a great achievement for us to give job opportunities villagers.

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